One of the most popular sports equipment for functional training is SandBag.

Why it is so popular?

You can training all your muscle just with one sandbag.
You can make exercises for legs for biceps , triceps, shoulders, back.

You can increase your speed, agility, strength, balance, and all of this, just with one Sandbag.

Sandbag is very mobile, you can take it with you in trip, work trip. You can use sandbag like a regular bag for your stuff.

Ready for work.

With sandbag going 3 small bag - filler. You will fill it by sand. The most popular way for fill it's 1 - 5 kg, 2-10kg and 3- 15. With this kind of weight you can change weight very fast, and always will have needed weight.


If you wanna got good body shape or good result, you have workout by training program. Just in that case you will got your goal.

So if you wanna use Sandbag for get your body in shape you have to make program like for 3-4 days. 1-st day of training it's biceps and back, second day it's triceps and bust, 3- day shoulders , 4- legs.

If you wanna use sandbag for crossfit training you have to write or find program. The best way, is find a lot exercises and combine it in program that you wanna.

Home training.

You can use your sandbag at home, and don’t afraid about sand. Because you put sand in filler, and it’s don’t go out.

Workout on the street.

Sandbag workout

Sandbag way4you is very good for training outside, on the fresh air. You can take it in every place whatever you wanna.


Sandbag way4you have 7 handles, so your exercises will be very comfortable.

Any way you can use sandbag as auxiliary trainer equipment and vary your workout.

So, as you see, sandbag is very functional and helpful Equipment. That's why is so popular.

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